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How to Attract Talent Lost Candidates Using a Job Posting

attract talentThe easiest way to attract Talent Lost group members is to include in a job posting what you are trying to accomplish.  In the computer industry it is very easy to ask for skill sets on job postings however, just because you can use software tools and languages doesn’t mean you know how to design an application or possess critical thinking abilities.

There are more people who know how to use a hammer and saw then know how to build a house.  Just because you know how to use Microsoft Word Read More →

How to Break Through the HR Barrier

breaking through HR barrier The simplest way to break through the HR barrier is learn everything you can about the techniques and challenges a Human Resource department is facing when trying to fill a job vacancy.  The professional term is talent acquisition.  You don’t have to become an expert on the subject matter, just enough to understand the mindset of the HR industry challenges in talent acquisition.

Instead of learning through the various blog posts, job boards or various career websites on what HR looks for in a job applicant, just go to the source.  Read More →

Why Age Discrimination is Bad for Business

Age Discrimination Affects ProfitsOld age has always been looked down upon in our society.  The notion was the older you are the less work you can perform.  It was a valid argument when people relied on physical ability to perform their jobs.  Today however, most of our labor force is in services.    In today’s service dominated economies the notion that age reduces skills and work performance in the service sector is no longer valid.

This is the first time in history, on a massive scale, that our seasoned labor force is still capable of producing at 100%.  Yet the old notion of reduced output with age still has circulation, when in fact labor value now increases with age.

A great worker at 25 years old will be an exceptional worker at 55 years old.   If you have passion for what you do, coupled with exceptional ability and you have progressively practiced your profession for 20 + years, you are indeed very serious at your craft. Read More →