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The Negative Effects of a World Labor Force

Having foreign labor support domestic economies tremendously affects a country’s domestic labor force.  The obvious is when a major corporation moves operational services to another country. laptop_worldwide_connected_5154However, it is not just the major corporation doing this it is every business large and small.

A simple analysis is a web portal the world’s largest freelance community of labor services from people all over the world. The extent of services offered covers more than 60 different categories ranging from web design to all forms of business services.

Some people might say this is a good thing.  A small business owner can find resources to help his/her business grow Read More →

Emerging Service Sector Labor Life Cycle [Reducing Domestic Jobs]

In international economics there is a product life cycle concept.  It basically means innovative manufacturing economiesproducts that originate in America will eventually be lost to foreign manufacturing.  This is mainly caused by cost differences between countries.  The only way for the American economic system to stay healthy is to keep being innovative.

The product life cycle has several stages:

  • Create and Sell Product Domestically
  • Expand Product to Foreign Markets
  • Foreign Markets Growth Supports Local Mfg. & Distribution
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Cost Cheaper in Foreign Market Export to America
  • American Manufacturing is closed

The same company owned both manufacturing facilities, Read More →