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Job Searching Rule #1 for Talent Lost Members

Talent Lost Member Judged by their PeersThere are many things to know in developing a job searching strategy.  A mandatory need for the talent lost group is being judged by your peers.  Being judged by your peer or hiring manager is the only true way to present your credentials, anything else your advantage on subject matter knowledge, experience and wisdom is almost nonexistent.

Someone who has 5 years’ experience cannot understand someone who has 20+ years’ experience.  Someone who has never performed your work cannot understand your skill sets.  As I learned many years ago if you want to make $1,000 a week don’t ask someone who makes $500 a week, they don’t know. Read More →

How an IT Hiring Manager Reviews a Resume

manager reviewing a resumeThe review process starts with ascertaining 5 resumes that will fit the job description criteria with an emphasis on soft skills.  All the resumes selected have the ability to perform the job.  I am looking to hire the best one.

The most important aspect of each resume is content.  Format or style is secondary and unless below professional standards will not affect my decision.  How close did they perform the job posted or how their experience can exceed my expectation to perform the job is my main concern. Read More →