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How Talent Acquisition Software Hurts Tradeable Services

computer_help_wantedSeeking out talented workers is accomplished by using the human element.  The old saying “it takes one to know one” is the best way to locate and determine talent from a resume or LinkedIn profile.

Talent acquisition software is more list creation then trying to acquire talent.  A simple workflow analysis of talent acquisition software reveals some interesting observation.

Data Capture

A currently employed person who is considered by their company as exceptional, would not spend 20 minutes of their time entering their resume into data fields for HR consideration.  This person doesn’t want their company knowing they are entertaining the thought of seeking different employment.  They would rather have minimal email correspondence and mostly phone conversations.

The new company is trying to lure a quality worker from another company, in this situation less is more.  If the person didn’t have the skills needed the company looking would have never contacted them. Read More →

Why Human Resource Needs Recruiter Evolution

The job qualification’s needs to evolve for corporate recruiters. The ability toHR Learning Department Needs understand the emotional demands of any corporate job title requirements is crucial when identifying exceptional talent.

The academic training and professional seminars for recruiters needs to expand. For recruiters to identify exceptional talent they need to understand the job roles beyond a job description.  The best way to understand the corporate culture and daily chalenges each department manager and staff engage with is not going Read More →

How to Identify Talent from a Resume

Talent_Lost_Member4Identifying talented people from a resume can be difficult unless you know how to read between the lines.

You can’t use keyword search, resume formatting or a cover letter because someone else besides the applicant can perform those tasks, which is usually performed by a professional resume service. Read More →

Why Age Discrimination is Bad for Business

Age Discrimination Affects ProfitsOld age has always been looked down upon in our society.  The notion was the older you are the less work you can perform.  It was a valid argument when people relied on physical ability to perform their jobs.  Today however, most of our labor force is in services.    In today’s service dominated economies the notion that age reduces skills and work performance in the service sector is no longer valid.

This is the first time in history, on a massive scale, that our seasoned labor force is still capable of producing at 100%.  Yet the old notion of reduced output with age still has circulation, when in fact labor value now increases with age.

A great worker at 25 years old will be an exceptional worker at 55 years old.   If you have passion for what you do, coupled with exceptional ability and you have progressively practiced your profession for 20 + years, you are indeed very serious at your craft. Read More →