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Job Searching Rule #1 for Talent Lost Members

Talent Lost Member Judged by their PeersThere are many things to know in developing a job searching strategy.  A mandatory need for the talent lost group is being judged by your peers.  Being judged by your peer or hiring manager is the only true way to present your credentials, anything else your advantage on subject matter knowledge, experience and wisdom is almost nonexistent.

Someone who has 5 years’ experience cannot understand someone who has 20+ years’ experience.  Someone who has never performed your work cannot understand your skill sets.  As I learned many years ago if you want to make $1,000 a week don’t ask someone who makes $500 a week, they don’t know. Read More →

Why Human Resource Needs Recruiter Evolution

The job qualification’s needs to evolve for corporate recruiters. The ability toHR Learning Department Needs understand the emotional demands of any corporate job title requirements is crucial when identifying exceptional talent.

The academic training and professional seminars for recruiters needs to expand. For recruiters to identify exceptional talent they need to understand the job roles beyond a job description.  The best way to understand the corporate culture and daily chalenges each department manager and staff engage with is not going Read More →

How Reverse Age Discrimination Affects Talent Lost Group Members

A Talent Lost group member may experience frustration in job searching because of age Talent Lost Member Works with Youthdiscrimination.  However, the age discrimination may manifest itself from the perception by HR, independent recruiters and hiring managers those Talent Lost group members cannot work with younger people.

Talent Lost group members understand working with younger people has different dynamics than working with someone who is a peer in age.  Read More →

Why Professionals Are Not Commodity Labor

business_people_package_12014For a recruiter after a while all resumes for a particular job look alike.  How can you really figure out who has the best credentials when reviewing 50 resume with almost identical credentials.  If you only need 5 resumes to hire one person, do you stop at the first five that qualify?

You can’t use keyword search because anyone can add the correct keywords to their resume.  You can’t use resume format, style and cover letter because anyone can use a resume service.  You can’t ask behavioral questions because one can be coached and prepared to give favorable responses.

We find professional talent by looking at the full body of the applicants work, the broad depth and diversity of their knowledge, the person’s demonstrated ability to adapt Read More →

How HR Hiring Process Affects Company Image

A big part of a company’s brand or image is not based solely on the product or service they offer but how they function as a company as well.

company_image_for_talent_acquisition3What a lot of companies seem to be missing is that any and every interaction with the public is an opportunity to build on the company’s image and brand, including the Human Resources Department.

The Human Resources (HR) Department’s recruitment and hiring process is an area that can have a significant positive or negative impact on a company’s brand and image.  It gives insight to the culture and attitude of the company.

On the positive side, an HR Department promotes a positive image when jobs are posted no longer than a month and all applicants receive status updates on their open applications.  In contrast, one indication that a HR department is promoting a negative image is when jobs are posted for several months and/or applicants do not receive any status updates. Read More →