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How Mentoring Helps Tradeable Service Labor

mentoringAn advanced industrialized nation’s labor force disparity with global tradeable services can become more favorable if mentoring is adapted and recognized as a competitive advantage.

In the global labor force a computer programmer with 10+ years’ experience is equal in abilities. However, only the advanced industrialized nations have many computer programmers with 35+ years’ experience.  That holds true in many tradeable service sector industries. Read More →

Why Our Service Sector Labor Force is in Danger

There are three stages to industrialism primary, secondary and tertiary.  A society starts out with farming economymost of its labor force in the primary stage.  As industrialism advances the labor force transfers to the secondary stage and on the final level of industrialism where most of the labor force resides in the tertiary stage.

The three stages are also known as agriculture, manufacturing, and services.  While all three stages always exist, depending on the stage of industrialism determine what percent of the labor force is in each segment.

As you might suspect industrial economic systems Read More →