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How to Identify Talent from a Resume

Talent_Lost_Member4Identifying talented people from a resume can be difficult unless you know how to read between the lines.

You can’t use keyword search, resume formatting or a cover letter because someone else besides the applicant can perform those tasks, which is usually performed by a professional resume service. Read More →

How Do You Interview a Talent Lost Member

The Interviewing process of a talent lost group member requires a different approach because of woman interviewing talent lost membertheir experience.  Questions are not asked to prove they can do something, questions are asked to see how they did it, so you can determine could they make it happen in your environment.

When hiring a Talent Lost group member the focus is on corporate fit versus ability to perform the job.  How well do they blend into the corporate culture.  All HR questions should be aligned with the thoughts of why they were successful in their career, those soft skills that identify personality. Read More →

How HR Hiring Process Affects Company Image

A big part of a company’s brand or image is not based solely on the product or service they offer but how they function as a company as well.

company_image_for_talent_acquisition3What a lot of companies seem to be missing is that any and every interaction with the public is an opportunity to build on the company’s image and brand, including the Human Resources Department.

The Human Resources (HR) Department’s recruitment and hiring process is an area that can have a significant positive or negative impact on a company’s brand and image.  It gives insight to the culture and attitude of the company.

On the positive side, an HR Department promotes a positive image when jobs are posted no longer than a month and all applicants receive status updates on their open applications.  In contrast, one indication that a HR department is promoting a negative image is when jobs are posted for several months and/or applicants do not receive any status updates. Read More →