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How to Identify Talent from a Resume

Talent_Lost_Member4Identifying talented people from a resume can be difficult unless you know how to read between the lines.

You can’t use keyword search, resume formatting or a cover letter because someone else besides the applicant can perform those tasks, which is usually performed by a professional resume service. Read More →

How to Break Through the HR Barrier

breaking through HR barrier The simplest way to break through the HR barrier is learn everything you can about the techniques and challenges a Human Resource department is facing when trying to fill a job vacancy.  The professional term is talent acquisition.  You don’t have to become an expert on the subject matter, just enough to understand the mindset of the HR industry challenges in talent acquisition.

Instead of learning through the various blog posts, job boards or various career websites on what HR looks for in a job applicant, just go to the source.  Read More →

The Recruiter Dilemma for Talent Lost Members

Recruitment ChoiceOne of the pitfalls of being a talent lost group member is having exceptional talent, experience and a broad range of knowledge.  This gives you the ability to adapt your skill sets to different types of job postings.  However, what seems like an advantage can quickly be discounted by a recruiter causing confusions and frustration in your job searching.  You have now entered the recruiter dilemma, when and how to use them for a job posting and when to not use them.

As an example, what happens when someone has an accounting degree worked for several years as an accountant, became a CPA but then applied for a Project Manager Job implementing Microsoft Great Plains ERP (now called Dynamics) software for businesses. Read More →