The Recruiter Dilemma for Talent Lost Members

Recruitment ChoiceOne of the pitfalls of being a talent lost group member is having exceptional talent, experience and a broad range of knowledge.  This gives you the ability to adapt your skill sets to different types of job postings.  However, what seems like an advantage can quickly be discounted by a recruiter causing confusions and frustration in your job searching.  You have now entered the recruiter dilemma, when and how to use them for a job posting and when to not use them.

As an example, what happens when someone has an accounting degree worked for several years as an accountant, became a CPA but then applied for a Project Manager Job implementing Microsoft Great Plains ERP (now called Dynamics) software for businesses. The recruiter would see an accountant’s resume and say they have no experience with Great Plains ERP software implementation (keywords and heuristic information) and take someone who has a biology degree with 5 years’ experience implementing Great Plains ERP software (right keywords) and then say they the other resume received was an unqualified applicant.

The truth is the accountant understands everything Microsoft’s Great Plains designed in their ERP system, why because the software is only replicating what they studied academically, practiced and are licensed.  Within 90 days on the job, the accountant would know and understand more about the ERP application than the person who had 5 years’ experience and a biology degree.  In addition, the accountants work performance would surpass anything the biology major achieved with their 5 years’ experience implementing Microsoft Great Plains ERP software.

While this is not a condemnation of independent recruiter’s because they are following job requirement protocol.  The independent recruitment industry focuses on hiring talented sales professional.  The corporate recruitment industry focuses on your presentation skills, personality and fit.  Most recruiters cannot understand the CPA example because they generally have no experience in either discipline, therefore believe an unqualified applicant was received.

What this all means for the Talent Lost group member

Don’t believe a recruiter is going to understand your background and be able to extrapolate your skills to qualify for a job posting.  That isn’t going to happen.  You cannot expect recruiters to make those types of judgment calls.  Getting mad or frustrated at recruiters because you expect them to understand your skill sets is wrong.  While you may wish the industry worked differently it doesn’t.

You need to identify what type of independent recruiters can help you otherwise you may wind up wasting time and getting frustrated.  If applying directly to a company’s HR department expect to be rejected, especially if they use talent acquisition software.

When trying to use your broad skill sets to apply for a job your best chances of being reviewed is when applying directly to the hiring manager, bypassing human resources.

P.S. The CPA example was a true story with Microsoft Consulting hiring people for Great Plains ERP software (now called Dynamics).  They couldn’t find enough qualified people with Great Plain ERP software and someone finally figured out at Microsoft (not the recruiters call) they can hire CPA’s and train them.  Ultimately, they wound up with exceptional qualified business consultants who understand their products and how to successfully implement.  What better credentials to have implementing ERP software than a certified public accountant (CPA).