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How Mentoring Helps Tradeable Service Labor

mentoringAn advanced industrialized nation’s labor force disparity with global tradeable services can become more favorable if mentoring is adapted and recognized as a competitive advantage.

In the global labor force a computer programmer with 10+ years’ experience is equal in abilities. However, only the advanced industrialized nations have many computer programmers with 35+ years’ experience.  That holds true in many tradeable service sector industries. Read More →

Information Saturation the Curse of Business Intelligence

information_saturationWhile attending college one of my accounting professors asked a simple question pertaining to reporting.  How many financial and managerial reports need to be created before they no longer assist in decision making?  He then coined the term “information saturation”, the point where producing more information will not affect the decision made. Read More →

How Talent Acquisition Software Hurts Tradeable Services

computer_help_wantedSeeking out talented workers is accomplished by using the human element.  The old saying “it takes one to know one” is the best way to locate and determine talent from a resume or LinkedIn profile.

Talent acquisition software is more list creation then trying to acquire talent.  A simple workflow analysis of talent acquisition software reveals some interesting observation.

Data Capture

A currently employed person who is considered by their company as exceptional, would not spend 20 minutes of their time entering their resume into data fields for HR consideration.  This person doesn’t want their company knowing they are entertaining the thought of seeking different employment.  They would rather have minimal email correspondence and mostly phone conversations.

The new company is trying to lure a quality worker from another company, in this situation less is more.  If the person didn’t have the skills needed the company looking would have never contacted them. Read More →