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Resume Writing for the Talent Lost Group

Talent Lost Member Creating ResumeWhile you have many years’ of work experience, numerous accomplishments and many fond memories it won’t matter if you cannot translate your career on to a resume.  The internet has many sites and free webinars providing information on resume writing.

For the Talent Lost group unless you’re an exceptional writer you will need paid assistance.  Free information is generalized and is provided as a guideline on what to do however how to do it, you must pay. Read More →

Why Content is King on Resumes

Resume Content is KingIn today’s competitive job market learning anything that can give you an advantage should bring you closer to the interview stage.  But what happens if everyone who applies for the job uses the same techniques, you cancel each other out.  You are now left with only content to judge the job applicant.

Resume style and format is important but your content needs to target the job narrative.  While style, format and use of keywords and phrases may get you to the hiring manager the ultimate decision of obtaining an offer is do you match the job because you have done it before.

If your resume can elaborate on how you did the job, the challenges you faced, and ultimately your accomplishment that indicates strong content. Read More →

Job Searching Rule #1 for Talent Lost Members

Talent Lost Member Judged by their PeersThere are many things to know in developing a job searching strategy.  A mandatory need for the talent lost group is being judged by your peers.  Being judged by your peer or hiring manager is the only true way to present your credentials, anything else your advantage on subject matter knowledge, experience and wisdom is almost nonexistent.

Someone who has 5 years’ experience cannot understand someone who has 20+ years’ experience.  Someone who has never performed your work cannot understand your skill sets.  As I learned many years ago if you want to make $1,000 a week don’t ask someone who makes $500 a week, they don’t know. Read More →

How to Break Through the HR Barrier

breaking through HR barrier The simplest way to break through the HR barrier is learn everything you can about the techniques and challenges a Human Resource department is facing when trying to fill a job vacancy.  The professional term is talent acquisition.  You don’t have to become an expert on the subject matter, just enough to understand the mindset of the HR industry challenges in talent acquisition.

Instead of learning through the various blog posts, job boards or various career websites on what HR looks for in a job applicant, just go to the source.  Read More →

How Recruiter’s Assist the Talent Lost Group

Using a recruiter can put you on the fast track to meet the hiring manager.  recruiter helping talent lost memberFor the Talent Lost group member finding a qualified recruiter is difficult.  The only recruiters qualified are the ones who have actually worked in the field they are recruiting.  This way you are being presented by your peer.

All things being equal a recruiter who has industry experience will be more effective in understanding and representing a member of the Talent Lost Group.  A recruiter with industry experience has a peer relationship with the hiring manager besides a vendor one.

When deciding on using a recruiter validate they have industry experience. Read More →

How an IT Hiring Manager Reviews a Resume

manager reviewing a resumeThe review process starts with ascertaining 5 resumes that will fit the job description criteria with an emphasis on soft skills.  All the resumes selected have the ability to perform the job.  I am looking to hire the best one.

The most important aspect of each resume is content.  Format or style is secondary and unless below professional standards will not affect my decision.  How close did they perform the job posted or how their experience can exceed my expectation to perform the job is my main concern. Read More →

How Reverse Age Discrimination Affects Talent Lost Group Members

A Talent Lost group member may experience frustration in job searching because of age Talent Lost Member Works with Youthdiscrimination.  However, the age discrimination may manifest itself from the perception by HR, independent recruiters and hiring managers those Talent Lost group members cannot work with younger people.

Talent Lost group members understand working with younger people has different dynamics than working with someone who is a peer in age.  Read More →

Emotional Survival Tips for Job Searching

Talent Lost Emotional StabilityJob searching for anyone unemployed is an emotional up and down roller coaster.  The Talent Lost Group member’s biggest emotional challenge is maintaining self-worth.  When you have over 25 years’ experience and have received many accolades and praise you find it very difficult to be rejected or unnoticed.

The easiest rule to remember when evaluating any advice on your self-worth is only a peer can judge you correctly.  That will reduce a significant percent of the people you encounter during your job searching journey. Read More →