Emotional Survival Tips for Job Searching

Talent Lost Emotional StabilityJob searching for anyone unemployed is an emotional up and down roller coaster.  The Talent Lost Group member’s biggest emotional challenge is maintaining self-worth.  When you have over 25 years’ experience and have received many accolades and praise you find it very difficult to be rejected or unnoticed.

The easiest rule to remember when evaluating any advice on your self-worth is only a peer can judge you correctly.  That will reduce a significant percent of the people you encounter during your job searching journey.

It is normal to get frustrated with the job searching process but make sure you judge yourself correctly and use your experience and accomplishments to believe in yourself.  Being honest with yourself and identifying areas that need improvement is where your attention should be focused.  Only judge your self-worth based on meetings with hiring managers or peers.

The issue of age discrimination is prevalent.  The confusion is you don’t know how old you are till someone reminds you.  In your mind nothing has changed about you for 25+ years of employment except your knowledge and experience grew while obtaining wisdom.

However things did change you became physically older along with defining your value structure.  You never thought before how you would fit from a physical or emotional perspective.  That was never an issue.  You believe the talent acquisition process judges candidates based solely on credentials and the broad body of work you accomplished in your career.  That is how it always worked for you before.

Now there are additional criteria placed on you to determine if a phone interview will be granted or an offer letter will ever be sent your physical and emotional characteristics.  Failure to understand your newly founded judgment criteria causes you to submit job applications to companies that are not appropriate for you, almost a guarantee rejection.

Because desperation sets in you abdicate your experience, knowledge and wisdom and start looking for quick answers to help you land that job.  Any job posting that sounds remotely possible you try and adapt to your work experience, getting overwhelmed with rejection placing you deeper in a negative emotional state.

While landing a new job for a Talent Lost group member is difficult that doesn’t mean you need to add fuel to the challenge.  You should judge your job applicant submitted rejections based on a real fit for the job.  Besides looking at what skill set you bring to the job now you need to think about does your child want to manage their mother or father.

When you also take into consideration your physical attributes when applying to job postings, it makes more sense to stop applying to all the jobs you can perform well by dumbing down your resume and focus on the ones that can be the right fit.  This will significantly reduce the emotional trauma you experience when sending out resumes to job postings which ultimately representing a subset of your credentials.

If you were a comptroller should you apply for manager of account payable?  If you were an IT manager should you apply to a technical support manager job posting?  Some would say it depends on the size of the organization.  A comptroller in a small company can apply for an accounts payable manager in a large organization.  However if you add the element of a Talent Lost group member’s age and value system it is emotionally damaging to apply because you will probably be rejected because of how you are perceived to fit within the organization.

If you were working for a large corporation try and find smaller companies that would welcome your services.  Try to ascertain if the owner or partners are your same age, using LinkedIn.  You can also apply your talents to startup companies that need your depth of experience.  A website called techco list several sites that list jobs for startups.  An example HireArt is for sales and customer service people.  There are many more of those types of websites, just search for one that is applicable for your skill sets.

The HR talent acquisition process is another area that can build frustration.  However what made your career successful was your ability to grow and adapt to change, which is why you have 25+ years’ experience.  Learning how to interact within the talent acquisition process is no different.  The more understanding you have of the HR process the more in control you will feel.