How an IT Hiring Manager Reviews a Resume

manager reviewing a resumeThe review process starts with ascertaining 5 resumes that will fit the job description criteria with an emphasis on soft skills.  All the resumes selected have the ability to perform the job.  I am looking to hire the best one.

The most important aspect of each resume is content.  Format or style is secondary and unless below professional standards will not affect my decision.  How close did they perform the job posted or how their experience can exceed my expectation to perform the job is my main concern.

Keywords are used to focus attention to an area of the resume, sort of a bookmark.  The content around the keyword is read to ascertain the context of the keyword.  What is the actual experience versus stated experience?  The can be at the same job for 10 years with a variety of responsibilities and promotions that demonstrate growth versus a person who has been performing the same job for 10 years.

A programmer designing and supporting a variety of applications over a 5 year period has more value than a programmer working on the same application for 5 years.

The main thought I use when viewing a resume for selecting an applicant for phone or physical interview is reading between the lines of their resume, trying to find a person who knows how to think.

I am trying to find someone who thinks.  The person makes the tools work.  The tools don’t make the person work.  The HR department concerns themselves with the tools whereas the hiring manager needs to know if the applicant can think.  This is very important in the computer industry. Technology changes all the time.  How does someone adapt and increase their skill sets.  Not how many tools they know.  How did they apply those tools to solve problems?

I find extraordinary talent by looking at the body of the applicants work, the broad depth and diversity of their knowledge, the person’s demonstrated ability to adapt and learn.  You cannot use keywords or phrases as industry knowledge.  It is about content in the resume, what they actually did and the journey of their career.