How Do You Interview a Talent Lost Member

The Interviewing process of a talent lost group member requires a different approach because of woman interviewing talent lost membertheir experience.  Questions are not asked to prove they can do something, questions are asked to see how they did it, so you can determine could they make it happen in your environment.

When hiring a Talent Lost group member the focus is on corporate fit versus ability to perform the job.  How well do they blend into the corporate culture.  All HR questions should be aligned with the thoughts of why they were successful in their career, those soft skills that identify personality.

On the most fundamental question asked in an HR interview is “tell me about yourself” from a career perspective, whereas the question to ask a Talent Lost group member is “how did you achieve your notable accomplishments”?

The traditional question implies a ‘prove it to me’ connotation and a generalization, whereas the Talent Lost group member alternative question acknowledges accomplishment with a focus on style and techniques used to succeed.  It is a human element question for the applicant to answer.  Human Resource needs to create an alternative list of questions to ask that exemplifies the Talent Lost group.

Talent Lost group member questions cannot be rehearsed.  If the person actually did what they said it will be very easy to talk about it.  Moreover, you would be able to ask detail questions that should be easily answered.

As an example, there are different methodologies for project management however, the main goal is to complete the project.  The methodologies didn’t complete the project a human did.  Ascertaining what type of meeting, documents and presentations were used does not make sense.  How did the applicant use their gravitas to make it happen?  The person makes the tools the tools don’t make the person.  That is what you want to know, the human element.  Those are the types of answers you need to determine if a Talent Lost group member can fit in your company culture.

With the complex business challenges facing company’s everyday having a Talent Lost group member can bring value to any organization.  Knowing how to effectively interview a Talent Lost group member is critical.  Failure to develop different interview question can hurt your chances of finding exceptional talent for your organization.