How Recruiter’s Assist the Talent Lost Group

Using a recruiter can put you on the fast track to meet the hiring manager.  recruiter helping talent lost memberFor the Talent Lost group member finding a qualified recruiter is difficult.  The only recruiters qualified are the ones who have actually worked in the field they are recruiting.  This way you are being presented by your peer.

All things being equal a recruiter who has industry experience will be more effective in understanding and representing a member of the Talent Lost Group.  A recruiter with industry experience has a peer relationship with the hiring manager besides a vendor one.

When deciding on using a recruiter validate they have industry experience. You will notice right away the difference discussing your credentials with a recruiter as a peer versus a recruiter who is just a salesperson.  When they speak of your credentials to the hiring manager or HR recruiter, it will not only be a sales presentation but one of personal conviction.  They understand what you have accomplished in your career.

The exception is someone who has been recruiting for 10+ years because they have long term relationships with hiring managers and human resource recruiting staff (Talent Lost’s independent recruiter study only 17.55% of recruiters had 10+ years’ experience).  They have nurtured careers and understand the dialog and mindset of successful people.  However, having a recruiter who has industry experience and has been recruiting for several years is the ultimate combination to represent a member of the Talent Lost Group.

A qualified recruiter can help in many ways.  While we tend to think of recruiters as people who help job seekers find employment, for the Talent Lost group being able to talk with a peer during the difficult time of seeking employment is emotionally priceless.

The longer it takes to find a job winds up creating frustration, depression, and lack of self-worth.  When discussing your credentials with a non-qualified recruiter they will discount what you know, because they don’t have the experience to understand, it is not personal.

However a qualified recruiter will look at your full body of work and understand your skills.  You will have a better sense someone understands you.  You will be presented to hiring managers from a career accomplishment perspective merged with the job requirements.