How Talent Acquisition Software Hurts Tradeable Services

computer_help_wantedSeeking out talented workers is accomplished by using the human element.  The old saying “it takes one to know one” is the best way to locate and determine talent from a resume or LinkedIn profile.

Talent acquisition software is more list creation then trying to acquire talent.  A simple workflow analysis of talent acquisition software reveals some interesting observation.

Data Capture

A currently employed person who is considered by their company as exceptional, would not spend 20 minutes of their time entering their resume into data fields for HR consideration.  This person doesn’t want their company knowing they are entertaining the thought of seeking different employment.  They would rather have minimal email correspondence and mostly phone conversations.

The new company is trying to lure a quality worker from another company, in this situation less is more.  If the person didn’t have the skills needed the company looking would have never contacted them. The resume would be requested after an interview is granted.  No need to use talent acquisition software. populating talent acquisition software

A currently employed person searching job boards, decides to apply and spends the 20 minutes entering information into a talent acquisition software application.  They don’t bother with a cover letter or use a standard format, keeping the process under 30 minutes.  An unemployed worker will spend the additional time to customize a cover letter, spending a total of 30+ minutes.  The job posting is valid for several months collecting hundreds of resumes.

Data Capture Results

Using talent acquisition software’s keyword search algorithms, several resumes are selected for physical review.  The talent acquisition software gives HR or recruiters the ability to collect hundreds or thousands of resumes, ultimately only a handful will be randomly selected based on keywords and heuristic values.

One doesn’t need a computer to collect resumes for review.  The tools needed for talent acquisition is the human element not technology.  When using talent acquisition software for collecting and selecting qualified applicants, it implies tradeable services labor can be treated as a commodity.  It also implies talent can be identified by keywords and heuristic values.


Collecting hundreds of resumes adds cost to organizations with no real value.  The system is collecting more resumes than necessary to review.  Having 100’s or 1000’s of resumes statistically doesn’t change the outcome.  Nielsen Ratings system uses less than 20K people to determine viewership of the whole country.

talent acquisition software selection processThere are methods HR can use to receive quality resumes via email, from how to write a job description declarative, how to construct a job posting and even how to review a resume.  Saving job applicant information for future use is a waste of resources, because the status of the individual would change.  One would use LinkedIn to search for candidates or validate current status of potential applicant on file (double work), again no need to save information.

Because HR is an industry conducive to tradeable services the human element of the job needs to resonate more than technology.  In order to compete with the global labor force, advanced industrialized domestic labor needs to use the human element as the main criteria, in this case the ability to review a resume and identify talent.

If HR talent acquisition process relies on using technology, then those HR functions will not be performed domestically.  Talent acquisition software adds unnecessary complexity to the process, doesn’t increase the chances of finding qualified talent, reduces the human element contributions to the talent acquisition process, adds unnecessary cost and makes HR talent acquisition vulnerable to a tradeable service review by executive management.