How to Attract Talent Lost Candidates Using a Job Posting

attract talentThe easiest way to attract Talent Lost group members is to include in a job posting what you are trying to accomplish.  In the computer industry it is very easy to ask for skill sets on job postings however, just because you can use software tools and languages doesn’t mean you know how to design an application or possess critical thinking abilities.

There are more people who know how to use a hammer and saw then know how to build a house.  Just because you know how to use Microsoft Word doesn’t mean you can write a novel.  Focusing more on what is being done and less on the tools to do it, is the way your attract Talent Lost group members.  Realistically, that is how you attract any talented individual young or highly experienced.  In effect, you are rolling out a red carpet providing talented individual a place to go that need and appreciate what they can accomplish.

Exceptional people look for unique challenges, instead of listing all the tools needed to perform the job describe the dynamics of the job.

If the job is application developer talk about the application, what it is used for, what type of application knowledge is needed to complete the solution.

If the job is an Accounts Payable Manager, discuss the challenges on a daily basis and how you want the person to optimize the department.

When you receive responses the resumes will represent more substance and less keywords and phrases.  This may not be conducive to using talent acquisition software to streamline the submission entries however, the benefits outweigh the additional time needed to decide on 5 candidates presentable to the hiring manager.

You are focusing more on the human element of the job and less on the tools used.  It is the human element that makes us all unique since we all know the same tools.  To have a strong labor force that can adapt and perform on a high level requires attracting the best talent available.  To get noticed by any Talent Lost group member with a job posting include your challenges, expectations, human needs and you will notice a higher caliber of resume submissions.

Resumes will focus more on an applicants accomplishments and less on the tools that helped them achieve their goals.  You still need to know how to use the tools of your profession but now you also have an applicant that is a stronger alignment with the company’s needs.

Improved resumes and the ability of recruiters to interpret the information within the framework of their companies is the first step in developing a quality labor force.