How to Break Through the HR Barrier

breaking through HR barrier The simplest way to break through the HR barrier is learn everything you can about the techniques and challenges a Human Resource department is facing when trying to fill a job vacancy.  The professional term is talent acquisition.  You don’t have to become an expert on the subject matter, just enough to understand the mindset of the HR industry challenges in talent acquisition.

Instead of learning through the various blog posts, job boards or various career websites on what HR looks for in a job applicant, just go to the source.  A great example is the Society for Human Resource Management.  The have loads of information on the HR profession, including a page for HR sample interview questions.  They not only have sample questions but the recommended answers.  What better place to ascertain the type of questions you could receive during an interview then a HR industry website.

Trade publications and companies that service the HR industry is another great source of information.  These are the organizations that train, inform and offer services to HR on all the latest trends and best HR industry practices.  A good source of information is a trade publication web portal.

You will learn how HR applies their skill requirements to your personality fit.  During the application process you may be introduced to behavioral questions to create a predictive index of your personality.  That will be used to judge how well you can fulfill the job description.  That’s the type of input HR has when discussing with the hiring manager who to select.

Once you have a good understanding of how HR performs talent acquisition when you read any independent blog post’s on various HR practices you will know what information adds to your understanding and what information is creative writing to be ignored.

If any member of the Talent Lost group reads up on HR talent acquisition best practices, from a HR perspective, based on your experience you will absorbed a wealth of information suitable to assist in formulating an effective strategy to penetrate the HR barrier and be selected for review by the hiring manager.

Part of your job searching strategy is resume creation.  Understanding why HR departments are looking for helps in formulating a quality resume.  Even if you don’t create your own resume and want to use a resume service the knowledge obtained will help you modify your resume to adapt to multiple job description postings.