How to Create Job Postings that Reduce Unqualified Applicants

job declaration for resume submittalBefore you can create job descriptions that reduce unqualified workers there needs to be a way to measure success. Using historical trends of current job descriptions to ascertain what percent of resumes received were unqualified, can be your initial benchmark percent.  Now we can measure results of our changes to job postings by measuring new job posting responses against our benchmark.

Every job posting should have a declaration of what you are expecting from an applicant.  This is where you explicitly state in so many words only qualified applicants need apply.  You may want to include in your verbiage those who apply and are deemed unqualified would be regarded as people who cannot follow directions.  People of that character need not apply to any of our job postings.

The declaration is also a good place to let the applicant know the job posting process.  The length of time the job will be posted, how many will be selected for manual review.  The job can be posted for one month with every week qualified applicants are reviewed or wait till the end and review, whatever is done is stated in the declaration section.

Some companies use a questionnaire in the beginning of the applying process that qualifies them to continue, which is not a bad idea.  However, I would include the declaration because an applicant can answer all questions correctly regardless of their ability.

In addition not following directions is a subtle way of assess their personality without using formal testing.  The best way to test someone is when they don’t think they are being tested; it is more natural instead of a testing environment, where the applicant can be totally focused on the situation.

The next job posting has the declaration included. Then you measure the percent of unqualified applicants against our benchmark number to see if there were any improvements when you include a declaration in the job posting.

You view the unqualified resumes to see if there is a pattern to why they responded to the job posting.  Based on your analysis the declaration statement is modified and used in the next job posting.  This process is repeated over and over again until nothing changes regardless of what you do.  Then you finally defined the optimum declaration.  You can create declarations for different departments within your organization.