How to Identify Talent from a Resume

Talent_Lost_Member4Identifying talented people from a resume can be difficult unless you know how to read between the lines.

You can’t use keyword search, resume formatting or a cover letter because someone else besides the applicant can perform those tasks, which is usually performed by a professional resume service.

You identify senior applicants by their body of work, not just the last 10 years.  Their body of work gives a better understanding of the ambition, diversity, growth and accomplishments in their careers over a time line.

A Talent Lost member’s career accomplishment exemplifies diverse results over a long period of time.  The more comfortable a person is with their body of work the more likely they can work with a mixed age group.

An older person who is insecure about their accomplishments may be aggressive in touting their knowledge and present their views as definitive with the team or group members.  They may act like a parent which makes the others feel uncomfortable.

The job applicant who demonstrated a successful diverse body of work is also a person who strives on new challenges and has an intellectual curiosity.  That type of person is a Talent Lost member who is more apt to cherish the different thoughts of a diverse age group.  In addition, they would know how to nurture the other team members thoughts not squash them.

Dominating a team of people is not the norm for a Talent Lost member but collaboration is what drives them.  The ability to create something larger with a team then they can do themselves.  A Talent Lost member understands how effective collaboration between all members of a group creates results unattainable by an individual; their resume is a testimonial of accomplishments and results.