LinkedIn Profile Pitfalls when Job Searching

Social websites like LinkedIn are a great for jobapples_to_oranges searching and publishing your career credentials to the world.  Prospective employers can search for candidates who match the skill sets of a job description.  LinkedIn is an employer’s dream.  They can find people who match their needs regardless if they are seeking new employment.

Because you are a member of the Talent Lost group your credentials and experience are impressive.  You can focus your resume on a number of skills sets making it easy to modify your resume for a wide variety of job descriptions.

You must never forget that whatever you do it must be consistent throughout all the social media platforms.  A resume is not the only information your prospective employer may want to review.  If there is any indication of a mismatch then someone may believe you are lying, which will cause you to lose an opportunity.

On LinkedIn you have only 1 profile. When applying for a job your resume and LinkedIn profile need to correspond.  While the issue is true for every job seeker a Talent Lost group member is more susceptible because of their broad range of work experience.

A recruiter, HR staff and even the hiring manager may view your LinkedIn profile; make sure they can validate your resume against your LinkedIn profile, discrepancies work against you.

In addition, a Talent Lost group member may also try independent consulting and use LinkedIn to present their consulting services, doing that can cause confusion with an independent recruiter, HR and the hiring manager.

There are many implications that can be made about a potential mismatch resume and LinkedIn profile.  Finding a job has certain sales characteristics, you don’t want the prospect thinking about unnecessary issues that may stop you from closing the deal.

A matched resume to LinkedIn profile is the best way to go, anything else will be subject to interpretation.  Unless you can control that interpretation it is wise to synchronize your resume and LinkedIn profile.