Resume Writing for the Talent Lost Group

Talent Lost Member Creating ResumeWhile you have many years’ of work experience, numerous accomplishments and many fond memories it won’t matter if you cannot translate your career on to a resume.  The internet has many sites and free webinars providing information on resume writing.

For the Talent Lost group unless you’re an exceptional writer you will need paid assistance.  Free information is generalized and is provided as a guideline on what to do however how to do it, you must pay.

If you’re a talented individual you can probably learn how to write an effective resume by attending free resume webinars, blog posts and by trial and error (losing opportunities along the way).

If paying for a service lands you a job one month sooner than doing it on your own it paid for itself with a profit.

Most talent lost members should have a professional do it for them.  In addition, professional resume companies provide additional services to help you secure an interview.  They also provide job searching advice using various media sources (LinkedIn, Twitter) along with career coaching.

Whatever you can do to speed up the process of obtaining a meeting with the hiring manager is beneficial; a quality resume represents the first critical step to make that happen.

To ascertain which resume company is right for any Talent Lost group member the main criteria is what company can represent my career on paper and get me past Human Resources to the hiring manager?

That means the resume selected company founder and/or staff members should have significant HR experience and be in the forefront of their industry.  Those type of company characteristics represent the additional ammunition needed to break through the HR barrier to reach the hiring manager.