Why Content is King on Resumes

Resume Content is KingIn today’s competitive job market learning anything that can give you an advantage should bring you closer to the interview stage.  But what happens if everyone who applies for the job uses the same techniques, you cancel each other out.  You are now left with only content to judge the job applicant.

Resume style and format is important but your content needs to target the job narrative.  While style, format and use of keywords and phrases may get you to the hiring manager the ultimate decision of obtaining an offer is do you match the job because you have done it before.

If your resume can elaborate on how you did the job, the challenges you faced, and ultimately your accomplishment that indicates strong content. The benefits of strong content is you cannot pay for it, you earn it over time.  So while anyone can pay to have a resume written, content remains king and trumps any paid technique used to increase your chances of being selected.

This means all things being equal content will triumph.  The Talent Lost group members by definition have great content.  To convey the message make sure you have a quality resume that exemplifies your experience.  If you can nullify all the techniques another job applicant uses, what remains is content or body of work representing your career.

While a professional resume and career coaching can get you in front of a hiring manager your ability to obtain a job offer is ultimately dependent on content. That is why content is king.