Why Human Resource Needs Recruiter Evolution

The job qualification’s needs to evolve for corporate recruiters. The ability toHR Learning Department Needs understand the emotional demands of any corporate job title requirements is crucial when identifying exceptional talent.

The academic training and professional seminars for recruiters needs to expand. For recruiters to identify exceptional talent they need to understand the job roles beyond a job description.  The best way to understand the corporate culture and daily chalenges each department manager and staff engage with is not going to be ascertained by a traditional human resource recruiting practices.

The only way to understand corporate culture and the demands placed on the staff is be part of the work.  Go into the trenches with the people creating sales along with the operational areas that convert sales into reference accounts.

The Chief People Officer should implement a program where corporate recruiters work within various departments as an orientation process.  A technical recruiter works within the IT department sitting understanding what they do and observes how they do it, recruiters who specialize in sales work in the sales group.

This will enable the recruiter to develop a semi-peer relationship with the hiring manager creating a more heuristic approach in writing job description and understand job requirements.  In addition, besides utilizing keywords and phrases to determine qualified applicants they will be able to apply a semi-peer review of resumes received to ascertain who is presented to the hiring manager.  The recruiter will learn how to read in between the lines of a resume.

The area of concentration in this new program is designed by the respected head of any department along with the Chief People Officer or appropriate head of human resources.  In information technology the CIO would create the curriculum of what personal characteristics are important for the job, then make sure the orientation highlights those characteristics.

The orientation results will create a new breed of recruiters ones that have field experience complimenting the academic and behavioral aspects of talent acquisition.  This type of corporate recruitment orientation program would help to re-enforce the culture and mental challenges any job demands throughout the organization, ultimately helping to secure new quality talent.

Obtaining exceptional talent requires a human touch while talent acquisition software and social media are great tools; ultimately a person makes the decision.  Corporate recruiters presenting exceptional talent to the hiring manager is going to require a better understanding the job requirements, demands and culture.  This should be done by having corporate recruiters move beyond knowing how to talk the talk.  They now can learn how to walk the walk.