Why Professionals Are Not Commodity Labor

business_people_package_12014For a recruiter after a while all resumes for a particular job look alike.  How can you really figure out who has the best credentials when reviewing 50 resume with almost identical credentials.  If you only need 5 resumes to hire one person, do you stop at the first five that qualify?

You can’t use keyword search because anyone can add the correct keywords to their resume.  You can’t use resume format, style and cover letter because anyone can use a resume service.  You can’t ask behavioral questions because one can be coached and prepared to give favorable responses.

We find professional talent by looking at the full body of the applicants work, the broad depth and diversity of their knowledge, the person’s demonstrated ability to adapt and learn.  You cannot use keywords or phrases as industry knowledge.  It is about content in the resume, what they actually did and the journey of their career.

Instead of using talent acquisition software to synthesize, using keywords and phrases, a large list of applicants create job descriptions and requirements that reduce unqualified applicants.  On job postings state a declaration only 50 applicants will be randomly selected from the total received and the duration for the job Posting will be only one week.  Use technology to select randomly 50 applicants from the total list.

From the 50 applicants you can quickly reduce the list to 10 prospects for a more detailed review.  From the list of 10 you will have 5 applicants that represent above average abilities.  This process is mostly done by a human not computer.  The computer was only used as a random number generator for applicant selection.

The whole process should not take more than 2 hours of HR time per applicant.  If a quality applicant contributes to the organization over a 2 year period (4160 hrs.) and it took 2 human hours to find that exceptional talent it represents time well spent (2/4160=.0005 HR labor hours to find worker).

Treating professionals as commodity labor and using computer techniques to select and categorize applicants removes the human element to the process.  Those companies that know and understand how to identify exceptional professional talent, using the human element, will have a superior advantage over companies that use talent acquisition software processes to select initial applicants for review.